Thursday, March 12, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Visiting Teaching

For anyone who would like to print this, click HERE.

(designed/made by twoladiesand a blog.  inspired by Pioneer Party)

Monday, February 23, 2015

 Young Women's Night of Excellence:

Here are the invitations that were passed out on Sunday.  (Moroni was bordered with gold glitter)

 Each girls' name was printed on the front of the homemade envelope.
...yes, these took FOREVER to make.


As the girls arrived, the got to wear one of these VIP passes.

Decorations from the night:

Each girl (whether present of not) was spotlighted.  We told 3 things that made them special or that they were involved in.  

Then they got to walk down the red carpet with our awesome Bishop.  They told us one thing they were working on for Personal Progress in the microphone.

 After, they were handed one of these made by our amazing YW President:

At the very end, we watched a slide show (made by our YW pres) of all the pictures we took through out the year at our activities and girls camp.

We had the idea to wear our old HS dance dresses for the night. 
(mine barely fit, I think I was 5-6 months pregnant)

and to make you smile, here is a pic of my husband and little boy "helping" set up for the night ;)

Did it make you smile?  :)
Divine Nature YW Activity.

I realize, I'm not very good at taking pictures the night of.... I'll work on that.

Hopefully you can still get the idea of how much fun we have at our activities!!!!

This night was based off of the YW Value, Divine Nature (Daughter of a Heavenly King/Princess in Training).

The invitations were folded in thirds and sealed with a gold seal.

First we had them learn how to walk on a red carpet (red butcher paper).

Our awesome and sweet Secretary was Ms. Idaho, so naturally she taught us how to walk and wave :)

We had classical music playing in the background and of course wore, SASHES!!!

To get to the next room, they had to put a Hymn book on their head and walk.

Not that easy to do, trust me.

Next, our Mia Maid adviser taught us eating etiquette (pinky's up):

They had to walk with their hands like this to the next room :)

Lastly, we had a lady in our ward talk on Divine Nature and referred to the Book 'Once Upon a Time' by Deiter Uchtforf.  And also how the temple is like a queen's CASTLE.

 To end the night, we made a craft to help them remember their Divine Nature.

It was a black wood black with this 5x7 modge podged on it.  Also, they made a wire crown to hang on the corner.

For fun, we  had a QUEEN photo booth:

And as always, here are the images from the internet that inspired this night :)

This is what we did for our combined YM/YW activity last year for the "Come Follow Me" mutual theme.

Sorry there are no pictures from the night, but IT WAS AWESOME.

Read the rules and games HERE.

The game board was made out of several poster boards and put on one wall of the gym.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Beginnings

This years mutual theme is about Embarking in the Service of the work of The Lord.  And how Sweet is the work of Service!!!

Our theme for New Beginnings this year was 'Sweet is the Work'.

Here are the CUTE invitations:

Here is a blank copy if you'd like to make one :)  I taped a skewer to the back, put a ziplock sandwich bag over the invite, and tied a ribbon.  On Sunday I put them all in a glass candy jar to pass out.

Here's a pic of the program (my YW pres made these).

 We had the Laurel President conduct, two YW sing a duet (they did awesome), and then 3 recently YW Program graduates spoke on the importance of Personal Progress, and then the bishop wrapped it up.

Get it?  "Wrapped" it up. Ha.

Well, I thought it was funny.

So anyways.....

We also had the YW stand for the theme, spotlighted the new Beehives coming in this year, and had every woman in the room who had received their YW medallion stand up to be recognized.

Here is the delicious Sweet is the Work treat table.  On the small table on the left, we had ice water with lemons and a slush drink (our Mia Maid adviser was the master mind of this set up:)).

Lashes & 'Staches    Daddy Daughter Date

Above is the handmade invitation we sent out 2 weeks before the DATE.

And this was the one a week before.  Make sure to remind the MOM's (dad's forget stuff :))

This is what the paintbrush invite template looks like if you want to attempt at making some :)

As they arrived, they got to do a photoshoot in front of this set up.  We had frames, hats, glasses, scarves, and of course, mustaches.

While the dads and daughters were waiting for the others to take their pics, we had them see if they could 'Guess the Stache'.

For your own copy, click HERE.

1. Tom Sellec,  2.  Hulk  Hogan, 3.  Albert Einstein, 4.  Dustin Hoffman (Hook), 5.  Will Farrell, 6.  Mike Dika, 7.  Monopoly man, 8.  Charlie Chapman, 9.  Ned Flanders (the Simpson's)

We had a relay race where the dad had to dress the daughter in cowboy attire.  The daughter did the relay and then it was dads turn.  The rules were the daughter had to dress dad, and dad had to dress the daughter.  The finishing touch was that they had to put on the sticky mustache.

We had a simple obstacle - like run around chairs, under the table and 10 jumping jacks and then back.

We played 'Pin the 'Stache on Mr. Potato Head'.  They got to choose who spun who around and then pin the 'stache on.

Then the dads got to paint the girls nails!!!  Fun!
(Some dad's needed some work on their painting skills)

The rule was, the DAD's got to pick the color!

We also played 'Who's your Daddy???'

The room was divided in half by this chalkboard.  The girls sat on one side and the dad's on the other.  I would point at a dad and he would (in his disguised voice) say, "I mustache you, if you know who your daddy is?".

Then the daughter would see if she could guess if it was her dad.

This. was. SOOOO fun!!!

In fact, we had so much fun we did it the reverse way after.  The girls disguised their voice and we saw if the dad's could guess.

Sorry girls, but the dad won that game :)

At the very end, we had the dad's say what their favorite thing was about their daughter and vice versa.  We also had the Bishop (who was one of the dad's) speak real quick and bare testimony of our Heavenly Father.

This was the handout.

And as always, here are the photos that inspired this night:

We're Baaaaa ack!!!

Has it really been a WHOLE YEAR since we've posted???

Oh so much has happened.

Here's a quick summary of whats happen in 1 years time to TWO LADIES.

Survived Breast Cancer:

And also a new addition to MY family!!!


I would tell you that my mom is amazing, strong, wonderful, positive, a survivor, absolutely amazing in every way.  I would tell you she has been through hell and you'd never know because she still cared for others and smiled, looked for the positive and to the future.  I would tell you she fought an incredibly hard, depressing, 'hope sucking' fight... and WON.

Boo-yah.  In your face Cancer.

I would tell you she now has 7 grand kids and is THEE BEST grandma in the whole wide world.  I would tell you if you ever met my mom, you'd never meet another lady like her.  After meeting her you would know what love is.  What service is.  What charity is.  What a non-judgmental person is like; a selfless person is like.  What a Christlike person is like.

This is my mom.

I WOULD tell you these things, but I know you're only here on this blog reading this post to see when we will post another awesome idea ;)

So let me tell you,

Soon, my friends.  Soon.

We are ready to get back at it.