Saturday, February 7, 2015

We're Baaaaa ack!!!

Has it really been a WHOLE YEAR since we've posted???

Oh so much has happened.

Here's a quick summary of whats happen in 1 years time to TWO LADIES.

Survived Breast Cancer:

And also a new addition to MY family!!!


I would tell you that my mom is amazing, strong, wonderful, positive, a survivor, absolutely amazing in every way.  I would tell you she has been through hell and you'd never know because she still cared for others and smiled, looked for the positive and to the future.  I would tell you she fought an incredibly hard, depressing, 'hope sucking' fight... and WON.

Boo-yah.  In your face Cancer.

I would tell you she now has 7 grand kids and is THEE BEST grandma in the whole wide world.  I would tell you if you ever met my mom, you'd never meet another lady like her.  After meeting her you would know what love is.  What service is.  What charity is.  What a non-judgmental person is like; a selfless person is like.  What a Christlike person is like.

This is my mom.

I WOULD tell you these things, but I know you're only here on this blog reading this post to see when we will post another awesome idea ;)

So let me tell you,

Soon, my friends.  Soon.

We are ready to get back at it.

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