Saturday, January 25, 2014

For tomorrow's lesson, we will be talking about the Holy Ghost. (link for outline click here).

Included in the material for the outline, "What are the Roles of the Holy Ghost" is a VIDEO.

It's amazing.

I probably listened to it at least 6 times.  Pausing and pondering and listening to certain sentences by James E. Faust.

Over and over.

I am going to bring an old radio and quickly go over how to manually tune into a station.  Then show the video.

If you too are going to be discussing the Holy Ghost, here are some questions that might help when getting your girls to interact:

-"There will be many voices pulling for your attention".  What are these distracting voices/static?
-Why are they distracting?
-What channel should we listen to?  What does it sound like? (answers can be found in Boyd k. Packers talk, Counsel to Youth found here.  It's a good one.)
-How do we TUNE in?
-Why should we tune in?

We also will be reading the scriptures listed here.

I won't give word for word on any of my lessons because I feel YOU should prayerfully prepare your lessons.  But I thought giving questions to ask may help you with your discussions.

And above all, LISTEN to the voice of the Holy Ghost.  HE will reveal things into your heart and mind that you will be able to help your Young Women gain their own testimony's.

(For a print our of the image above, click HERE)

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