Monday, February 23, 2015

 Young Women's Night of Excellence:

Here are the invitations that were passed out on Sunday.  (Moroni was bordered with gold glitter)

 Each girls' name was printed on the front of the homemade envelope.
...yes, these took FOREVER to make.


As the girls arrived, the got to wear one of these VIP passes.

Decorations from the night:

Each girl (whether present of not) was spotlighted.  We told 3 things that made them special or that they were involved in.  

Then they got to walk down the red carpet with our awesome Bishop.  They told us one thing they were working on for Personal Progress in the microphone.

 After, they were handed one of these made by our amazing YW President:

At the very end, we watched a slide show (made by our YW pres) of all the pictures we took through out the year at our activities and girls camp.

We had the idea to wear our old HS dance dresses for the night. 
(mine barely fit, I think I was 5-6 months pregnant)

and to make you smile, here is a pic of my husband and little boy "helping" set up for the night ;)

Did it make you smile?  :)

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  1. What did you serve for dinner? May I have docs of your invites and vip cards? Thank you! Awesome idea!!!