Monday, February 23, 2015

Divine Nature YW Activity.

I realize, I'm not very good at taking pictures the night of.... I'll work on that.

Hopefully you can still get the idea of how much fun we have at our activities!!!!

This night was based off of the YW Value, Divine Nature (Daughter of a Heavenly King/Princess in Training).

The invitations were folded in thirds and sealed with a gold seal.

First we had them learn how to walk on a red carpet (red butcher paper).

Our awesome and sweet Secretary was Ms. Idaho, so naturally she taught us how to walk and wave :)

We had classical music playing in the background and of course wore, SASHES!!!

To get to the next room, they had to put a Hymn book on their head and walk.

Not that easy to do, trust me.

Next, our Mia Maid adviser taught us eating etiquette (pinky's up):

They had to walk with their hands like this to the next room :)

Lastly, we had a lady in our ward talk on Divine Nature and referred to the Book 'Once Upon a Time' by Deiter Uchtforf.  And also how the temple is like a queen's CASTLE.

 To end the night, we made a craft to help them remember their Divine Nature.

It was a black wood black with this 5x7 modge podged on it.  Also, they made a wire crown to hang on the corner.

For fun, we  had a QUEEN photo booth:

And as always, here are the images from the internet that inspired this night :)

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