Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Beginnings

This years mutual theme is about Embarking in the Service of the work of The Lord.  And how Sweet is the work of Service!!!

Our theme for New Beginnings this year was 'Sweet is the Work'.

Here are the CUTE invitations:

Here is a blank copy if you'd like to make one :)  I taped a skewer to the back, put a ziplock sandwich bag over the invite, and tied a ribbon.  On Sunday I put them all in a glass candy jar to pass out.

Here's a pic of the program (my YW pres made these).

 We had the Laurel President conduct, two YW sing a duet (they did awesome), and then 3 recently YW Program graduates spoke on the importance of Personal Progress, and then the bishop wrapped it up.

Get it?  "Wrapped" it up. Ha.

Well, I thought it was funny.

So anyways.....

We also had the YW stand for the theme, spotlighted the new Beehives coming in this year, and had every woman in the room who had received their YW medallion stand up to be recognized.

Here is the delicious Sweet is the Work treat table.  On the small table on the left, we had ice water with lemons and a slush drink (our Mia Maid adviser was the master mind of this set up:)).

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