Friday, January 17, 2014

Simply Be.

As I had mentioned earlier, I was released as Relief Society coordinator...
But I had already planned out my 2014 ideas.  So I'm sorry I didn't get around to posting them earlier!

Here is what our theme for the year was going to be:  Simply Be.

If you want a blank copy of this, click HERE.  I left out the year and ward so that you can add it if you'd like :)

And HERE is the Year Plans.  It's a rough sketch of ideas but maybe it will be useful to someone.  All the RS Night Meetings were "Bee" themed.  

The other lady for twoladiesandablog is still over RS Nights so here and there, there will still be some ideas for RS night meetings...

But as for me, I'm off to a new adventure in....

Young Women's!!!!!!

So stay tuned for new posts from the Beehives!!!!  Weird how I was thinking Bee's.......


  1. You have saved my life! thank you thanks you!

  2. I tried clicking to get your out line for RS but the page was blank. Any suggestion ?

  3. I love your Simply Be poster that can be personalized with our wards name. I can download it, and it downloads as a picture file. How do I edit it?

  4. Hi, we are so glad you can use this for your ward! You can add text with programs such as paint and illustrator. The one I use is photoshop. Good luck!


  5. I just came across this blog & I love your ideas! Just wondering if you could tell me what font you used for the words "relief society"? (So we can match it with our ward and year.) Thanks so much!

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