Friday, January 17, 2014

Home MAY'd

oh yeah...
CRAFT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(This RS Meeting is meant to be held in MAY but could be used any month I suppose:))

This was the invitation that was passed out on Sunday:

Make sure to pass out the sign up sheets well in advance.  For tips on holding a craft night, click HERE for our Super Saturday post.

When considering what crafts to make, take these things into consideration:

How much time it takes to complete the craft,
What supplies will I need that will add to the cost of the craft,
Visiting Teaching craft,
A season and useful craft (at this homeMAyde craft night there was a bee/hornet catcher made),
Supplying FREE crafts so all sisters will feel welcome.

If you have tips on holding a craft night, please comment below!!!!

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  1. I recently received a new calling as the RS activity coordinator, and after being in the primary for many years, it has been a challenge for me. I've looked at many different blogs (Pinterest) and although they have given me many great ideas, I LOVE your blog!! The pictures are fabulous (I'm very visual) and the unique ideas are so much fun! You make it look easy, thank you so much!!