Thursday, January 23, 2014

My new years resolution... I mean ONE of my new years resolutions is to be better at taking pictures for everyone (and anyone) who looks at this blog.

But no promises.

So here we go on my first post from Young Women's!!!!!

This is what we did our first activity:

 We met at one of the leaders home and enjoyed a hot cocoa bar (with homemade everything -including the whipped cream!).

Then I did a demonstration on how to make a lotion/cream with peppermint essential oil in it.  All girls who came to the activity left with a sample.  (I did this same thing in RS and used those small clear plastic containers used for jeweley -found at Joanne's).

After that we started cutting out paper snowflakes.  Tons of them.

On all the snowflakes, we wrote thank you notes and love you notes to their old YW leaders.

Then the real fun began.

We then took off to their houses and taped the snowflakes to the old (I should say newly released) YW leaders front doors.

Rang the door bell....

(several times)....

And RAN!!!!

We left this note along with the snowflakes:

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