Friday, July 26, 2013

Talent SHOW!!!

(This was the poster put in front of the chapel.  Printed on paper from Kinko's and glued to a foam board.  Red fabric was hot glued to the sides.)  oh and p.s. we had to change the date because it snowed like crazy on the original day, so don't mind the ugly seven written with permanent marker!

For January we had a Talent SHOW.

No, we didn't have anyone come up and sing and dance.  Because let's face it - not everyone is great at that. Nor should they if they THINK they are great.

Lot of talents go unnoticed so this was a great way to see others' gifts and talents.

As the sisters arrived we had tables set up for them to bring some things to display as their talent/hobby.

(The closet was locked to get the table cloths!!! doh!)

And on every classroom table was a paper to label who's talent it was.  For your own click here .  Print out and fold.
We asked the bishop to share with us a few minutes the Parable of the Talents and we ended with a video.  I also shared the story of the Little Engine that Could and how she made it over the mountain because she THOUGHT she could.  We had treats to share after as everyone chatted and glanced at the talent displays.

Here is what the invite looked like.  For a blank copy click here.

And this was in the sign up folder as well to get those sister who think they have NO TALENT (shaking head because everyone has a talent).  Click here for one to print.

This was what was put behind the podium to add some spice... wow, red butcher paper.  (Working with a RS budget here :))

And I'm not sure if anyone wants to see the sign up folder info, but if so click here :)

And here are some things that were also shared from the night:  HERE and HERE

And as always, here is some misc inspirations found from the web that helped inspire this night!

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  1. Hi! I am in charge of having our talent show in August and love these ideas! However, your links to the blank copy of the invite and the folded name cards will not load! Is there any way I could get them sent to my email ??? What an awesome idea and great TALENT you all have! :) Thanks so much!