Monday, March 25, 2013

Holiday Cooking is a Piece of CAKE!?!!!!!?!!!

In November, our RS Meeting was on HOLIDAY COOKING and we asked Aimee Call Krey to come and speak with us.  She is a regular on a morning TV Show here in Utah, Studio 5.  (If you haven't been on to see Studio 5's website, CHECK it OUT!!!)  Aweeessssome!

Anyways, here was our invitation that was passed out during church:

Awww cute...  a recipe card :)
For your own blank invitation, click here

 And here was the poster we put in front of the chapel doors:
(Made with scrapbook paper and white poster board)

Here are some pictures of the night:
Aimee spoke on some tips and recipes to make for Holiday Cooking.  She also had some sisters come up and help prepare a quick stuffing recipe!

During church, as we sent around the invitations, we had sisters sign up if they wanted to bring a glass dish to etch.  If they did, we had them write what word/name they wanted on it. 
That word/name was cut out on the cricut using transfer paper.  When Aimee was done talking, all we had to do was peel the transfer paper off, stick it to the dish, and brush on some glass etching cream.

Aimee has a blog with some great recipes!  Check it out HERE.

Since we didn't have to plan a RS meeting in December (Ward Party), we decided to put together a Ward Cookbook.

*****WARNING**** LOTS of WORK and TIME!!!!  If you are considering putting a ward cookbook together, all I'm going to say is you're crazy, and good luck.

But as you know by now, we like to do things that HARD way...  So if you do too, maybe these will help you :)

Here is the cover that was designed:
If you like it, click here for a blank one.  (sized 5.5" by 8.5" so you can print 2 to a page).

 And the back: (blank pdf)

 And here are the different categories:

pdf, pdf. pdf, pdf, pdf, pdf, pdf pdf,

We also had an index in the front with page numbers of the beginning of each category and index in the back with categories, recipe, and page number.  To view the one in the back, click here

As usual, here are some pics I found that helped mold/shape this night :)


  1. This is an awesome blog! I found it via "I heart primary singing" and I just wanted to let you know that I took your "All I need to know I learned from Primary songs" poem and ran it through text effects and different fonts and posted it on my blogs. I figured you might check this one more frequently, so I commented here as well.
    Here is my post:
    If you are not okay with that, I'll take it down immediately. If you need to reach me - I'm at
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration (in primary AND relief society!)

  2. Hi! I am doing a Sharing Station at the upcoming BYU Women's Conference on Primary Music. I am compiling various seasonal ideas from blogs & there are several of yours that I've used in the past & loved. I am wondering if you would mind if I used them (I would of course provide you as the source). Specifically, I would be using your Greatest Show on Earth post, birthday balloons, Once there was a GIANT snowman, build-a-mother, get to know your mom "purse"-anally, Halloween ring toss, witches brew, turkey toss, & gingerbread man. Please let me know if I have your permission & if you have any questions. My email is Thanks so much!