Friday, March 15, 2013

First of all I have to apologize: after this activity, my phone died.

Completely stopped working.

Suddenly and devastatingly.

It was horrible.  I lost all my numbers and more importantly, MY PICTURES.

Luckily, I had a few ideas still saved on my computer to share with you our October's FANG-Tastic Friday.  (Most are not pictures I took but ideas I found online).

Some call it a "Super Saturday".

So first of all if you're thinking of doing a "craft night", YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY CRAZZZZYYY!!!
Nuts, I tell ya.

Second of all, READ THIS.  It helps plan out the weeks in preparing

Third, I hope you have a good committee or no life.  And that's all I'm going to say to warn you ;)

So here are the pictures of projects that we did.  Again, most are not my pictures because I lost them with my sad sad phone death.

Fabric Flower Necklace $5 (this project will take about an hour)
Misc fabric strips were provided and for each flower you need about 1.5 inches by 3 feet. 
p.s. we used chains bought from Joanne's instead of toole.
Here is a tutorial on how to make the flower rosettes (click here)
And to make a necklace, click here

Magnetic Chalkboard Frame $29
I had my brother cut out the frame (best handy mad EVER -needless to say we got a discount on wood and cutting).  This is an all night project due to drying time.  However, you can do other projects while paint layers are drying).
For instructions, click here

T.J Maxx bag Apron (bring your own bag $1)
This project will take you about 1 hour.  Instructions and sewing machines were provided.
For instructions, click here

Ric Rac Rose Ring $2
Ring will take about 30 minutes to make
for instructions click here

Wicked Letters $28
(again my brother cut these out so we got a discount:))
This project will take an estimated 4-5 hours


Popsicle Picture Puzzle (provided for free)
Great for moms and grandmas ...and gifts too!!!

We used this 4x6 picture provided by Eskel Photography

We also provided free card making.  A sister in our ward is BIG into scrapbooking and had a few card templates and kits made up.  Quilt tying was there as well if no one wanted to spend money but wanted to come :) (it was fleece blankets that just needed knots tied at the ends)

Other committee members were in charge of a few more crafts, but I don't have pics :(  Sorry.  But there were Toole Wreaths to make, holiday ribbon trees, and 3 cute vinyl tiles.  The vinyl tile sayings were, "Let the Son Shine in", "Eek, Shreek, and be Scary", and "He is the Reason for the Season".

Spread sheets were made to keep track for all the crafts, names, phone numbers, and payment.  If you would like to see a copy of mine, click here
Receipts were made as soon as sisters paid for their crafts.
The night of, all the materials for the crafts were put into brown paper sacks (donated by Harmons) with their names on them.  So as soon as they walked in they could just grab the sack and sit at designated tables.

If you have any questions, you can email us or comment below!!!!

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