Monday, January 21, 2013

Night of Queens

"Who can find a virtuous woman?  for her price is far above rubies".

~Proverbs 31:10

Every woman wants to feel royal... like queen sometimes, right?  And aren't we all daughters of a King?

Yes!  We are!!!

This RS Night was all about being royal :)  Here is the poster that was diplayed in front of the Chapel during church (it's made from yellow foam board).  The catergories for the night were Learning your Royal Bloodline, Etiquette, Princess Diaries, and the Temple is Your Castle.  Keep reading and I'll explain :)

 And this was what was handed out for the announcement!  Who wouldn't want to come??!?!?!?!?

Inside the envelope:
We had our meeting in the Relief Society Room.

...and I have to apologize... My phone died.  Just suddenly died on me awhile ago and I lost all the pictures from that night!!!  poop.

So I will do my best to discribe how it was decorated.  We had pearls, jewels, red capes, septers, crowns all over, and fancy candle sticks (all curtisy of my mom of course).

AND we had behind the podium, a huge castle!!!!

Ok, not quite a REEEEEEAL one, but one of those huge cardboard ones you see at the grocery store.

Yeah, it was awesome.

So this is how our Night of Queens went:

First we Learned our Royal Bloodlines (Speaker from the Stake on Family History).

Then we learned/refreshed our skills on table Ediqutte.  This was a speaker by one of the sisters in our wards mom.  She has done etiquette classes for over 20 years.

Princess Diaries was a quick dissusion on Journaling and its importance (based off of talk from Spence W. Kimball Oct. 1975 New Era "Angels May Quote from It")

The Temple is Your Castle was a testimony born by a sister in our ward on temples.  It was truly great.  She compared the temple to a castle and shared her personal stories about her family. 

Lastly, we made these small "Jornal Jots and Sunday Thoughts" notebooks to take home.  We also passed out paper crowns and journal writing ideas :)  ( click here for the journal wrting ideas sheet  )

And at the end, there were fany dessert for mingling!!!  (one of the best parts, right?)

Here is the quote that we based our Journaling disscussion on click here

And here are my random pictures that I put at the end of most posts that I drew inspiration from when planning this RS Meeting:
Maybe they will spark something inside your brain too :)

Oh and p.s.s.  .... if your not already thinking this post was too long.... 
Here are some more thoughts/brain storming I found of my Scribblings when planning....

-Between Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After
-Your once Upon a Time is NOW
-Queen for a Knight
-Finding the Queen in you
-Discover your family crest
Dieter F. Uchtdorf's book, Your Happily Ever After (great book)
Dress in a gown

(I know I sometimes go a liiiiiiitle over board when planning.  My husband tells me all the time :))

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