Monday, January 21, 2013

"8 Cow" Woman Certification

Johnny Lingo.

Johnny Lingo....

Probably the most well known church movie (at least one of them).

Haven't seen it?    (What?!?!?  click here)

Honestly, it's old and kinda strange.... but it's a CLASSIC.

In the end, it has a good message about self worth.  So our ward put together an 8 COW WOMAN CERTIFICATION RS Meeting revolving around the movie. We had a good time eating and learning some new things.  Take a look :)

 The movie Johnny Lingo played as all the sisters arrived and brought there dish for the dinner.

The tables were decorated with soup cans painted with cow spots with yellow flowers in them.  The cups were filled with crinkled scrapbook paper to use as fans (we did this RS meeting in July and it was HOT!!!)

Here is the announcement that was passed out at church:
Click here for a blank one for your ward :)

So during the night we had different '8 cow woman certifications'...

First was Chewing Cud (socializing before dinner)
Next, Udderly Delicious (Eating dinner.  Sisters signed up to bring a salad or dessert, and we provided the pulled pork)
Holy Cow (member of the bishopric shared a spiritual thought)
Cash Cow (speaker on budgeting)
For-Heifer Young (speaker on massage therapy)
Cow Tippin (inexpensive family activities)
Say "Moo" (digital photography)
Moo-chas Gracias (thanks for coming and clean up time!)

All cow certification speakers were sisters in our ward and it turned out great!!!  At the end of the meeting, each sister got a sticker award that said, "8 COW WOMAN".  This was one of the best turn outs for our ward :)

Good luck with your meeting and contact us if we can help with any questions about our night!

Oh p.s.  Here are some pics I found from the internet that helped inspire this night:


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  1. "Honestly, it's old and kinda strange.... but it's a CLASSIC."

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Did you, really - laugh out loud?) Oh yes, I did! That was hilarious.

    One of those - It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true - kind of things.

    But it made my morning, nonetheless. Thanks!!!!