Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prepare for the Rain

Don't we all need to be a little more prepared????

But how do you make a RS meeting on emergency preparedness intriguing? 

Be honest, does a emergency preparedness meeting make you excited to hear more?

Proooooobably not.

Well I did my best to make it fun and appealing.  But Lana Richardson did the rest to make it, well, basically life changing.

If you have never heard Lana Richardson (based out of South Jordan, UT), you are missing out.  The way she speaks is so honest and direct.  She is spiritual and passionate about being prepared!  Her rehydration kit saved my life.  Ok, not really really... but pretty close.

Here is the invitation I used to entice the sisters to come: to print your own click here

And here is the poster that was set on both sides of the foyer:
(letters were cut out with a Cricut... highly not recommended unless you have at least 5 hours to devote.  Or maybe I'm just reeally slow???)

 To start out our meeting, I read this story.
As a handout after the meeting, we gave each sister a poncho to help get them started on being prepared!!!  To print your own handout for the poncho, click here.
In the end, everyone went home probably feeling like there is always more to do and be prepared for.  I couldn't thank Lana enough for her volunteered time.  She is honestly amazing and wonderful.  Check out her book 'Emergencies! and how to prepare for them'.  or her visit her website emergencyhelps.com

Here are some pictures that helped inspire me for this RS evening meeting... maybe they will help you too...

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  1. How did you get in touch with Lana? We are thinking about having this theme for our stake women's conference and would like her to speak. Feel free to email me at bharris@graniteschools.org with any info. Thanks for your help!!