Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Love Is Gleaming in the Air

So I'm finally catching up with what our Relief Society has done in 2013!!!  Wahoo!

In February we had a night all about LOVE.

We had the categories:
Hubby Love - inexpensive date night ideas.
Love thy Neighbor - ways to be a great neighbor.
Divine Love - discussion group on a couple talks by 2 apostles (click here and here for the talks).
and Chocolate Love - yes... we had chocolate... melted.  Divine.

 This was the poster that was put in front of the Chapel Doors for the 2 weeks prior to our RS Meeting.  The paper heart in the middle is made of 3, 12x12 scrapbook pieces of paper.  There is 2 holes punched in the middle and secured with 2 hollow brads.  This is so that it pops out!

See? :)

And this was the invitation.

It was printed on cardstock and then we stapled a cut-out heart on top stripes.

As the sisters arrived they were greeted with seats tied with hearts.

and a festive backdrop was placed behind the podium.

and last but not least.... the Chocolate LOVE.  After the speakers were done we had pink lemonade and water to drink.  And oreos, marshmallows, pineapples, strawberries, conversation hearts, and cookies to dip in the melted chocolate.

Water bottles were wrapped with white card stock and a heart was stapled to match the heart theme.  Forks got a decorative touch with a heart shape paper to hold them (cut 2 parallel slits with a razor blade).

Did you know you could melt chocolate in your crock pot?  I got pink melting chips from Michaels (coupon!) and heated it about 30 minutes on LOW before we were ready to dive in.  Stir it up and make sure it's not on too long!!!

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  1. I love this invitation! Do you have an editable version of it by chance?