Sunday, January 12, 2014

October Service Auction

A Service Auction always seems to draw lots of sisters in.  And it's FUN!!!!! 

(PLUS you see "hidden talents".... hehehe, take notes.  You may want them to speak or do demonstrations for the next RS activity).  Shhhhhh!

This was our poster that was put in front of each foyer.  We made sure to announce this a few weeks before the actual auction night.

This reminder came with the sign up folders.  (Printed wallet size at Costco).  We passed these out 2-3 weeks before the activity

And these paddles with numbers on them were passed out the week before (sisters needed to being them the night of, so we didn't want them getting lost!).  

In the sign up folders as well, we put a copy of the point sheet that they would be filling out night of.  The points are what they bid with.  We also passed around a list of ideas of services to auction off.

Click HERE for a copy of our Point Questionnaire and HERE for the list of ideas for services.

Also, for extra points, we let the sisters know if they brought a canned food item, they'd get 5 points each can.

As they arrived, they were greeted with a table with extra paddles (if they forgot theirs), and instructions if they were donating a SERVICE and instructions if they were donating an ITEM to be auctioned off.

Click HERE and HERE if you'd like to print out what we used for donating a SERVICE (example babysitting, hair cut etc.)

 and click HERE and HERE if you'd like to print out what we used for donating a ITEM to be auctioned off.

Click here for link to printouts for canned good and extra paddles :)

Each table setting had a pen and point questionnaire.  We provided lasagna, garlic bread and salad.  mmmmmmmmm......... (side note, did you know OLIVE GARDEN will donate bread sticks and salads to church functions??? -let them know WAY in advance).

As the sisters were eating, they filled out the questionnaire and totaled their points.

 Fall desserts!!!!!

Our auctioneer was a member of our bishopric and, of course, he had a gavel!

We had one committee member bringing him the slips of papers (see links above for items and services).  And one RS committee member filling the names out on them.  

The night went really smooth and it was a relatively easy night. (Thanks to all my help!!!!)


  1. l wasn't able to pull up the point questionnaire or the service ideas pdfs for some reason. Could you email them tome? PS you are amazing!

  2. What fonts did you use? They look great and I'd like to get them for some upcoming projects.

  3. I just came across this and loved this detailed posts about service auctions, I'm planning one for my Relief Society. Also, I had no idea Olive Garden donated salad and breadsticks to activities! Could you email me more information about how you went about that?
    Thank you!