Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant.

I have to start this post by saying,  I don't like to read.

But weirdly enough, I love books.

Seems odd, but I really do.  I like the way they look.  Especially old books.

So when I was planning this RS activity, I was hoping either one: my RS sisters felt the same as me about books and would be intrigued to come.  Or two, they really did like to read.

(either way you can never win with knowing how many or who will come.  Just DO your best!).

Moving on.

Here's what the invitation looked like:

Would you want to come?????

and the poster in front of each foyer.  (printed at Fed Ex Kinko's, mounted to a foam board).

 Night of looked like this:
 As the sisters entered, they were greeted by this table.  It had pens and "old book file" looking cards for notes.
 and they placed their wrapped book if they wanted to be part of the book exchange.

We started with a special speaker (a member of the stake presidency).  He did an AMAZING
job!!!!  He spoke about the Book of Mormon.  And he pulled stories from the BOM that represented any genre of book/novel.  For instance: Action, Romance, Adventure, Comedy, etc.  He said the BOM is for anyone and everyone and bore his testimony of it's truthfulness.

After, we all discussed and shared as sisters our favorite books.  Sisters wrote down the titles and author of any appealing books mentioned on their note card.  And hey, I even wrote down a few.

Lastly those who wanted to make their "I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie" bags did and we traded books for the exchanged.

It turned out to be a fun and successful night.  

And lastly, as usual, here are some random pics from the internet that helped inspire this night.  Maybe they will be useful to you too :)


Here is a blank jpeg copy of the invite :)

Below is my template for the envelope: 
Add the date in the middle with your editing program (I use Photoshop).  Upload it in Word, size it accordingly and print onto a manilla envelope.  It might take a few tries to get the sizing just right!  Good luck!!!


  1. Could you post a blank copy of the invitation, please? :)

  2. How did you make the envelope for the invite?

  3. I uploaded a template at the end of this post. Good luck!

  4. Help! Any chance your special speaker has a source for that Book of Mormon presentation on literary genres? You inspired us to do something similar but our speaker could really use some help.

  5. Hi! I really think our speak (member of the stake presidency) thought this up on his own (of course with help from our Heavenly Father). The only one I remember was the romance was between Lehi and Sariah. He talked about how she doubted him and then everything turned out in the end (with her sons coming back with the plates).

    There is plenty of Action and Adventure in the BOM (Ammon and the sheep, Nephi and the boat. etc.) Also I remember him saying the BOM is Non-Fiction :)

    Hopefully this helps!!!

  6. Which fonts did you use on the invitation and sign? I'm trying to fill in our info and I'm having a hard time matching them. Thanks! This is wonderful!

  7. wonderful thanks so much for sharing. its such a huge help. Do you have a file for the posters in the foyer.

  8. I would love a blank file for the poster for the foyer. Also, what font did you use? Could you email me your photoshop files?

  9. Do you share your .psd files? I'd love to borrow your Library book checkout but our night is a little different so I'd need to change the verbiage. I LOVE your blog! if you do. Thanks!

  10. Could I possible have a blank copy of your poster?

  11. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I love all your ideas!

  12. do you have a pattern for the book purse? I want to cheer up my daughter-in-law. She adores books

  13. I love this idea! We are doing it January 14th and I'm wondering if you have anymore direction on the talk on the Book of Mormon that was given?
    I see you responded to someone already about it, but I wanted to try and see if there was any other tips or suggestions you had.
    Also, do you have a blank template of the poster for the foyer that could be emailed?

    Thank you!

  14. can I get the tutorial for the book purse and zipper book purse?
    Thank you!

  15. Looking for the template for the book wallet...

  16. I adore your poster! Do you have an editable file for purchase or free? I hope to tweak your ideas to apply to a YW activity we have in mind. Fun night!

  17. I adore your poster! Do you have an editable file for purchase or free? I hope to tweak your ideas to apply to a YW activity we have in mind. Fun night!

  18. I see other comments abput the poster and am also interested in getting a blank file and also about how you made the book bags. Thanks for putting together such an awesome blog.