Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Night at the Movies

This RS Activity was ALL movie themed.

Here's the invitation that was passed out on Sunday.
 If you want a blank copy of this one, here it is!!!!
 And the poster we put in front of each Foyer.

  This is what it looked like as they arrived.  (it got really really rudely windy right before the activity started.   So we had to put boards on the "red carpet" to make it stay down.)  The red carpet is butcher paper.  Chalk stars lined it on the sides.
 And this cute table to greet them.  All the "movie themes" were printed on 8x10's and then hot glued to foam board.

We spread out blankets for seating.

And of course had a popcorn machine, hot dogs, and soda!!!!

And lastly, here is what the movie themes were:  We had speakers for each topic.
            Breakfast at Tiffany's - Easy and healthy breakfasts
            My Fair Lady - Beauty tips for hair and skin.
            The Parent Trap - Summer activity ideas for Parents and Grandparents to do with kids
            The Princess Bride - The blessings of a temple marriage 

My mom (the other lady from twoladiesandablog) was our guest speaker for the Parent Trap.  

Did I ever mention that I get my over obsessiveness with creativity and ideas from her?  Yes?  K, just wanted to make sure you knew she started it.

My point?  She was PERFECT for the PARENT TRAP.  Here is just ONE (of MANY!) things she shared:  and yes, each sisters got to take one home!


Told ya that's where I get it from!!!!!

And lastly, miscellaneous inspiration from from the web :)


  1. We are planning this activity for our June RS activity. Do you have any printables or more information about what was in the parent trap kit? For example, what was the syringe for? Or the Popsicle sticks? Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. My email is Thanks!

  3. I am interested in any available printables, too! My email is Thanks so much!

  4. Each movie topic was assigned out to a sister in the ward. So no, we don't have any other printables than this. Good luck!

  5. The syringe was for squirting water :)