Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This blog was started by two ladies.  Mother and daughter.


Our blogging adventures started when we both were called as primary music leaders.  We put soooo much time, work, and thought into our callings.  So we thought we would start a blog to help inspire others.

Buuuut callings come and go.  And we often wondered what we would do with our blog as soon as one of us was released?!?!??!?!??  We knew we had faithful followers that needed us!!!!

Well that day has come.  We have both been released.  Crazy thing is, we were put into basically the same new calling.

!!!!!Crazy!!!!!!!    (whoot whoot)

Mom is the 2nd counselor in Relief Society and I am the Relief Society Enrichment coordinator (or whatever it's called

Sooooo this = NEW BLOG.

The title is exactly what the blog posts will be.

Just 2 ladies and a blog.

Join us in our tales of Relief Society projects, Visiting Teaching, Relief Society Night Meeting/Homemaking/Enrichment nights :), and what ever other crazy creative storms we are stirring up.

Thanks for being here.

Now sit back, relax, put your granny glasses on, and prepare to be inspired.

2 ladies

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