Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SOUPer Bowl

Don't worry there's no "FOOTBALL" involved!!!

On our sign up sheets we had some sisters sign up to bring SOUP.  The night of, the gym was decorated with chalkboards with "plays" on them, footballs as center pieces, shoulder pads, remotes, helmets, pom poms, etc.

We had a special HALF TIME too!   A sister told the story, 'The Touch of the Master's Hand' and one of our very talented youth played the violin after.

After the half time show, we had a service activity.  We made file folder games and then donated them to the Humanitarian Center.

And just a thought now that it's over...  it would have been fun to pass out a handout that said, "You are SOUPer"!!!"

Here is an example of a play that was drawn on the chalkboard
 This was our invitation.  For a PDF to print your own, click here
 We set out some fun facts about football on the tables so that the sisters could read them and socialize as everyone was arriving.  Click here to print out your own!!!
 And I printed this and framed it to put on the table with the soup :)  It's always nice to have some humor!

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