Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Secrets of a Successful FHE

 Oh Family Home Evening....

Who doesn't need help in this department????     lol...

Here is what our Relief Society did to help the sisters with their Monday Night FHE's.

Our theme was Secrets of a Successful FHE.

Here is a picture of our invitations.  For a blank copy CLICK HERE
And here is what the posters looked like that we put on both sides of the foyer.

As they arrived the sisters were led by some foot prints into the Primary Room.  We had Mission Impossible and Pink Panther music playing.

 Our Bishop IS THEE COOLEST and he agreed to be the one who passed out the TOP SECRET folders as the sisters arrived.

Inside the CONFIDENTIAL folders were 2 talks on FHE.  One was by President Hinckley and the other by Elder Bednar.  For their talks, click HERE and HERE.  On the inside of the folder was a place to write any notes and thoughts from the night.
We had 3 sisters speak.  One talked on having FHE with young children, one talked on FHE with mixed aged kids, and the last speaker talked on having FHE as an empty-nester.  

We also talked about games to play, blogs that are great helps, and most importantly, TREATS.

~For a list of great FHE blogs CLICK HERE
~For free printables for stories from the Scriptures CLICK HERE.  These are made so that you can print, laminate, put a magnet on the back and stick on a cookie sheet.  Who needs flannel???
~For games from sugardoodle CLICK HERE
~For simple treats CLICK HERE
~And for 30 Emergency FHE lessons click over HERE

At the end we made 'FHE in a Jar' jars and FHE charts. 
 For handouts to print CLICK HERE (mormonshare.com) and for the printout of this FHE in a Jar label, CLICK HERE
 Our FHE charts were made from.. get this...

Kinda cute, huh?

Here's how to make them:
Glue paint stick onto a piece of cardboard and glue clothes pins on the sides (tacky glue) .
Write the FHE assignments on the clothespins with permanent marker.
Drill 2 small holes and the top and attach wire (curled by wrapping it around a pen).

 You can also add scrapbook paper to the clothespins, ribbon to the wire, and distress the edges with ink.  And pictures of family members and rotate them each Monday Night so everyone gets a turn for each assignment.
Add the name at the top and WALLAH!!!  You have a cute inexpensive FHE chart!!!

Here are some handouts to pass out at the end.  The saying is quoted from Elder Bednar's talk.  

CLICK HERE and HERE to print your own.  You can print, laminate and add a magnet to the back!


  1. Thank you for all this hard work! I can't wait to share it with our sisters! They will love it!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!!! We would love to hear all about your RS Night with the sisters in your ward! Good luck!

  3. So I just happened upon your blog while looking for Primary music ideas (because I'm subbing for the chorister tomorrow) but my calling right now is exactly what is on your blog now! I'm SO excited for all the ideas I'm seeing. (I seriously can't even tell you how many times I've searched for a blog with ideas just like yours!) YAY!! Thanks so much!!


  5. This is wonderful and we are going to use some of your ideas for our upcoming Enrichment. Thank you for all of your hard work. Can I ask what font style you used for the bottom of the hand out so I can add our location and ward? Thank you!!!