Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Like to Look for Rainbows

This cute rainbow is made from colored paper.  All you need is a white cloud and some colorful paper cut into strips.  There are several ways you can incorporate rainbows for this week....

~Make a small version of this rainbow and play 'I Like to Look for Rainbows'!!! (Hot n' Cold).  Other versions to "shake up" the game hot n' cold are to sing quiet when the "seeker" is near the rainbow and loud when the seeker is far away (instead of the opposite), or have the children stand up tall and stretch their arms to the ceiling as the finder gets close - when they are far away, the children scrunch down low.

~Make 6-8 of these rainbows and scatter them around the room.  Let a child go pick one and have a song to sing on the back.

~Have 6-8 of these scattered around on a large chalkboard (or wall).  On each cloud write a key word from the song, 'When I Am Baptized'.  As you sing the song, let one or two children come up and see if they can get all the words in the right order.  Here are some examples of key words:  Rainbows, Rain, Ponder, Beauty, Earth, Clean, Life, Earth, Best, God....

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