Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Before Sunday, you will need to:
make 3 identical squirrel cups
Crack 6 walnuts open and put a primary favorite song inside-then glue the nut back together

On Sunday, put the squirrel cups on a table.  Under one cup place a walnut (let the children see you so this).  Then try to confuse the children by changing places of the cups as quickly as you can.  Choose a child to guess which cup has the nut.  If they guess right, let them crack the nut open with a hammer and sing that song.  If they guess wrong, you get to pick the song! 
I'm planning on drawing a Reverence Tree on the chalk board and sticking leaves on it.  The leaves will have a song on the back.  If they guess wrong, I will choose a reverent song from the tree!

***Don't forget to look at all the other posts from this week and the previous one!!!  We've posted a bunch, and we hope they can help with your Primary!!!  and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Such a cute idea. I was so excited to do it but I realized that we have several kids in our primary with severe nut allergies. Darn!

  2. Darn! but thanks for the comment! Nut allergies can be very serious thing!

  3. Loved this idea and tried it out. The only problem... I am not quick enough! The kids knew where it was everytime but they loved it. Especially the "smashing" part! Thank you!